Problems setting up a simple ftp-server

KrIaXPaTaLa ulist at
Mon May 2 16:02:49 UTC 2005

I have a config file, that was working before, but sinced I reinstalled
ubuntu, it doesn't work any more. Aparently the password for the user
isn't keeped on the config file, so I cant login, because I have no
idea were to add the pwd. I've read a lot of documentation, but I cant
make shi* of it. I also see a lot of talk about "local" users, or so it
seems, and I have no idea why someone would want an ftp server for
anything but remote exterior access. The first time I tryed proftpf I
used the gproftpd project ( ), wich
is a GUI for proftpd. That makes it easy to create accounts. But I was
really making an effort to not compile any code at this time, being a
debian based OS. I can e-mail you the config file I have, it's simple
and it shows how to set up an account, but I dont know were to set up
the password for an anonymous user. Any help on this would be greatly

Best regards,

Kriax, Portugal


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