Acrobat reader 7.0 is out

Psquared ulist at
Mon May 2 03:50:44 UTC 2005

Art Alexion Wrote: 
> Bob Nielsen wrote:


> >When I start acroread, I get an error that the PPKlite.api plugin
> failed 

> >to initialize, but otherwise it appears to work fine.

> >  

> >

> The README file addresses this:


> PPKLite.api Failed to Load

> PPKLite requires the OpenLDAP package to be installed on the
> system,

> and fails to initialize in its absence. If you get this error when

> acroread starts up, you will need to install the LDAP libraries

> (OpenLDAP package).

> If PPKLite still fails to load, make a link to the installed

> and in <Installation

> Directory>/Reader/intellinux/lib with the names '' and

> ''.



I installed Acroread on Warty and today I upgraded to Hoary. Now I get
the PPKLite message. Where do I get the OpenDLAP files for Hoary? 

I tried installing from Synaptic thinking it would install the missing
files, but it didn't. I just have two instances of Acroread 7.0.


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