Sound problems Hoary

o0f ulist at
Sun May 1 08:15:05 UTC 2005

the only way i got my sound to work was going into alsamixer (i love the
look) and going through every slider for no real reason feeling i lost
the battle for my sound to work and on one of the multiple EMU10K1 PCM
Send Routing 1 sliders i came accross (the first one)... i found my
audio ONLY worked if the slider was ONLY one EXACTLY one point. no
higher, no lower.

edit- the Side slider also gave me a LITTLE audio.

editagain- in fact manyy of the sliders act VERY differently at
different levels.

doesn't sound like a driver problem, sounds like a setting problem.
drivers could use MUCH more work, but it's all about the surround, EAX,
THC, CMSS features' settings.


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