Problems with "Connect to server" in Gnome

Dragan Espenschied drx at
Thu Mar 31 19:09:55 UTC 2005


maybe i misunderstand something, but i have the following problems with 
connecting to servers in Gnome (by pressing Cntl+L):

1. To connect to a FTP server seemes to work fine, but any other 
protocol i tried fails. For example, i have a server which doesn't 
support FTP but only SCP. But a scp:// URL will produce an error message 
that this is not a correct location.

2. It is easy to copy, move and change names of files on a FTP 
connection, but when i want to edit something in Gedit remotely, all 
files are suddenly write-protected. Why is that so?

3. Once a connection icon appears on the desktop (seems to be handled 
liek a mounted drive), it is not possible to change any options? Also it 
is not possible to move this icon somewhere, or make a link from it? It 
would be very practical to be able to move it for me, because i need to 
make connections to a lot of servers which would fill my desktop soon. 
(Also the old trick from Windows, to make a "shortcut" to a directory 
from a remote driver, is not working in Gnome, so what you suggest to 
organize server connections in a meaningful way?)

Thanks a lot,

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