Evolution Bug Reports

russell cook ruscook_oz at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 31 11:24:56 UTC 2005

Hi folks,
does anyone know how to report Evolution bugs? The bug buddy tool does
not tell what email address to send a report to so if you don't have
sendmail installed (which I don't) it seems there's no easy way to
submit a bug. 

That said, Evolution with the exchange connector has been performing
really poorly the last few days, the exchange connector has been taking
100% of cpu requiring  a force-shutdown command to kill all of

Tonights update seems more stable and I'll test from work tomorrow. 

The other issue I need to log as a bug, is since the upgrade
exchange/outlook  calendar entries are not properly recognised by
evolution. IT recognises a vcalendar entry but says "the item in the
calendar is not valid". If I use outlook or the outlook web interface
the calendar entry is fine and I can accept the meeting book which then
appears as a valid entry in my calendar when viewed from evolution.

Kind Regards Russell
Linux user #369094
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