apt-get vs. Ubuntu Update Manager

Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 09:55:44 UTC 2005

demon666_nl wrote:

>apt-get upgrade upgrades packages to new versions. If there is a
>dependencies problem you have to handle it yourself. because after the
>release of warty only security fixes are added there most likeley won't
>be problems with apt-get upgrade. If there are you would want to look at
>it yourself.
>apt-get dist-upgrade handles small dependencies problems for you.
>dist-upgrade is only necessary for upgrading your distribution to the
>next release. OR for people running hoary at this moment because it is
>not yet released and things could still change.
>Hoary is quite stable so you can quite safely dist-upgrade to hoary
>already. If there's a problem with your screen try sudo
>dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. If there are other problems search the
>forums and else ask here. If you are thinking about dist-upgrading to
>hoary. Here's a guide 
>PS before dist-upgrading to hoary apt-get upgrade your warty can't hurt
>but it isn't necessary
LOL...Ok thanks...

I've been using Hoary for the past 2 weeks or so. No problems really
except for my video card (which I got fixed) and w32Codes (also fixed
THANK GOD for music). I was just wondering because I had assumed that
dist-upgrade would have a function dependancy on apt-get upgrade however
if not then it makes sense as to why what happened happened, understood.
I do look at the forums except the search criteria was so vauge I
decided to save the time. Also I was doing about 18 other things at the
moment so...oh well. But I wanna thank everyone for the responses and
for all your answers.

Shawn Christopher
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