Solution for apt problem

Christoph Georgi christoph.georgi at
Thu Mar 31 08:35:32 UTC 2005

Could you please post the outputs of iwconfig, ifconfig and 
/var/log/messages beofre and after you ifup the wlan0 interface.. (But 
please not the whole messages ;)


radioact1ve wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 17:03 +1200, Christoph Georgi wrote:
>>You could try compiling the ndiswrapper from source. Maybe the output of 
>>"./configure" or "make" points you to possible errors?!
> I did it! I was going to do this but I wanted to do it via apt. But you
> know stuff happens. 
> Anyway, I did it and I followed the directions on the ndiswrapper site.
> Everything worked fine. It found my essid, my key working find. I used
> network-admin and I activated wlan0 and thats fine. Just one thing, its
> not working. Is there something I'm missing? Any wlan0/ndiswrapper
> experts here?
> Thanks everyone!!! I'm so close!!


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