Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Mar 30 22:27:00 UTC 2005

> > "tail /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature"
> isn't that something ? it says:
> tail: cannot open `/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature' for 
> reading: No such file or directory

Strange ! :-/
Do you have ACPI enabled on your motherboard/BIOS ? Maybe your BIOS
doesn't have ACPI ? Maybe the folder and file names can vary depending
on the particular motherboard and BIOS. 
Open a Nautilus browser window and locate the /proc/acpi folder,
hopefully you should have one. Then look into all the various folders
and files in there, to see what you can find.
If your BIOS lets you see CPU temp, hopefully you should be able to find
the info somewhere in /proc/acpi.


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