Can GDM allow passwordless logins for specified users, in Ubuntu?

Henryk ulist at
Wed Mar 30 22:36:07 UTC 2005


I recently had the same problem. After some googling I found out that
the LocalNoPasswordUsers option was removed in GDM because it
did not play well with the improved PAM support. Thus I solved it
entirely through PAM:

Edit /etc/pam.d/gdm and insert a line like

    auth    sufficient sense=allow file=/etc/passwordless item=user

above the line that reads

    @include common-auth

Then create /etc/passwordless and put in the names of all the users you
want to be able to logon without a password, one on each line. Make sure
that file is only writeable by root. Et voila, you're done.

Henryk Plötz
Grüße von der Ostsee


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