Edit ID3 tags?

ulrich steffens ulrich at barfuss-jerusalem.org
Wed Mar 30 15:57:39 UTC 2005

take a look at http://www.gnomefiles.org/
also, theres a real cool rename/retagger called 'easytag' availlable in
universe. also search in synaptic for 'id3' and choose 'name and
description' and you'll find lots of stuff.

- ulrich
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On Mi, 2005-03-30 at 15:45 +0000, Frank Merenda wrote:
> This is a silly question, but does anyone have a good program to edit ID3 tags?
> I tried to edit them in Rythmbox, but it wouldn't let me, and I have a few mp3's
> that are "unknown". I googled and couldn't find anything.
> Running Hoary....
> Thanks!
> -Frank

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