glxgears doesn't consume CPU

Lars Hallberg lah at
Mon Mar 28 23:46:42 UTC 2005

Sam Tygier wrote:

> the idea of a graphics card is to offload the hardwork of drawing 3d 
> from the main cpu to the gpu (graphics proccessing unit). so the 
> effect should be that some hefty 3d work like glxgrears will not bog 
> down the main proccessor.

Yeah, but if I anderstand corectly, when moving the window, cpu usage 
rised (sane) *and* FPS raised (completly insane)!!!

But talking about sane.... specialy when hardvare suported, shuld not GL 
be able to synk FPS with the monitors vertikal refreshrate (if it can be 
reached).... Seams like a complite waste of cpu cycels to produce more 
frames than the monitor can show - and can reasnobel only give worse result!


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