Wayward Mouse, etc.

squareyes squareyes at optusnet.com.au
Mon Mar 28 23:34:23 UTC 2005

Lisa Z. wrote:

>I got the Warty release to work! I think that it's a
>user-friendly distribution(Ubuntu) and very cool! 
>How do I adjust the cursor/mouse so it moves in the
>direction I want it to when I want it to? Mostly I'm
>depending on arrow keys and the Tab key now. How do I
>configure WV Dialer(or VW Dialer)? I found it in the
>Synaptic(?) manager but I can't seem to locate
>anything where I could configure it. And how can I set
>a password for Root? It seemed to be the same password
>as the user password initially(?) but I seemed to have
>lost that capability when I shut down the machine in a
>sloppy way. 
>"We do not even feign knowledge of anything related to any Windows Server."
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Hi Lisa,
try in Computer menu, System configuration -  Networking for Dialup setup

Mouse try  open a terminal, type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
setup mouse in there. ps2, serial and usb all work for me OK.
Ubuntu works with "sudo"  and your password. One action at a time.
Take Care

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