Gnome Volume Control

Matt Patterson matt at
Mon Mar 28 20:28:46 UTC 2005

I normally leave all of the volume controls for all applications like 
xmms either disabled or at 66-70% and then only use the main volume. The 
audio is connected to a sterio system so I want full volume range 
without changing multiple controls.

Thanks for the idea though.


Ed Fletcher wrote:

> Matt Patterson wrote:
>> I have noticed that the size of the increment on the Gnome volume 
>> control is very large. This produces very large volume changes on my 
>> system. Does anybody know of a place where I can modify the 
>> increment/decrement amount or is that hard coded in the control?
>> Thanks,
>> Matt
> Matt:
> If you right-click on the speaker icon and open the volume control, it 
> will give you a lot of options.  I find that lowering the PCM 
> (whatever that is) decreases the sensitivity of the desktop volume 
> control.
> If that doesn't do it for you, try some of the other levels in the 
> volume control.
> HTH,
> Ed

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