Error message with gedit on Warty

Ed Fletcher ed at
Mon Mar 28 07:06:53 UTC 2005

Xian wrote:
> Ed Fletcher Wrote: 
>>And what would a sound device have to do with gedit?
> Probably a sound event is attached with the opening of that
> application.

Thanks Xian.

Well.  What an interesting evening.  I had been planning on moving my 
video capture card out of that box for a while.  I did it this afternoon 
and the error message went away.  My sound works again (it had been dead 
for a while) but there didn't seem to be a sound associated with gedit.

I noticed some extra noise out of a fan while I had the case off.  Then, 
about a half hour ago, the power supply went.  Quite impressively too. 
Good flash of light, a zapping noise and that telltale smell of fried 
electronincs.  If it's just the power supply, I won't be too upset.

I guess I'll be picking up a new p/s tomorrow.  This should be a good 
test for the ext3 filesystem.  :-)

Ed Fletcher
ed at

You live and learn.  At any rate, you live.
- Douglas Adams

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