warty install on x86 machine [freezes]

Aroon Pahwa viperstyx at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 22:28:41 UTC 2005

hey everyone!

after a brief stint of not running ubuntu on any of my systems, im
back!  im trying to install 4.10 on a computer i pieced together from
spare parts.  its a p3 850 on an old gateway mobo (intel 440bx

i can run the warty live cd just fine but when i try to install hoary
i get an error during install.  the complaint is that 'debootstrap'
failed with return value of 1.

i tried installing warty 4.10 and install just freezes at 37%
(installing core packages).  it sounds like i may be having burn
issues it just seems odd that the live cd happened to work while both
install cds happened to have some kind of crc/burn/some other data
integrity error.  anyone have any clues?

im going to try downloading the 4.10 install cd and doing an md5 check
on it.  somehow i feel like there used to be a way to do an internet
install of ubuntu?  ie. there was a basic install cd that would grab
all the core packages from the net during installation to ensure you
got the latest software.  am i just crazy?

thanks everyone and its good to be back =]


ps. i have more gmail invites than i know what to do with.  let me
know if you want one!

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