djvu document format (Re: pdf editors

Philippe Landau lists at
Sat Mar 26 17:50:34 UTC 2005

albi at wrote:
>>djvu is a very good viewer and it's essential for 1837online searching
>>of births marriages and deaths of ancestors. I'm really sad that
>>Ubuntu does not have it available to install. For downloading images
>>there is nothing as quick as djvu. I was able to get it easily for my
>>former Red Hat linux.
> djvulibre is in hoary :
great, thank you.
it suggests djview, but synaptic is silent about this. why ?
djview is working, but a little buggy.
the djvu browser plugin only started working after visiting
and having it update the mime types as suggested.
i see a lot of scientific books are published in this
highly compressed high resolution format now.
i just read about the fight for the openness of the format,
see below. lizardtech ... imagine that (why not snakestech ;))
but once again, greed was not sustainable :-)

how can i extract the text of the djvu documents ?

"DjVu will replace PDF as the dominant technology for delivery of 
scanned documents over the web"
as an expert on pdf, do you agree with this view, Paul ?

kind regards     philippe


2003-12-04: 	A new Beginning for DjVu and DjVuZone

After a 2 year hiatus, DjVuZone is coming back to life. DjVuZone is 
maintained by the original developers of DjVu Yann LeCun and Leon 
Bottou. Until recently, we had major disagrements with LizardTech's DjVu 
strategy. Seeing our creation go to waste because of corporate greed and 
incompetence was too much to bear. Rather than wasting our time trying 
to help LizardTech with their failed strategy, we decided to concentrate 
our efforts on maintaining DjVuLibre, the open source implementation of 
DjVu, and Any2DjVu, the free conversion server. Were it not for 
DjVuLibre, Any2DjVu, and a few dedicated fans of the technology (such as 
Jim Rile at PlanetDjVu), DjVu would have disappeared by now.

Over the last few months, everything has changed for the better: 
LizardTech was acquired by Celartem. Celartem brought in a new 
management team with a bright young CEO, Carlos Domingo. Unlike his 
predecessors, Carlos understands what DjVu is all about, and understands 
how to promote it (what a change!). LizardTech is now working with the 
DjVuLibre team instead of against it. They are licensing the technology 
to third parties. They are planning to open source more software. They 
have lowered the prices of the commercial products, and they are making 
donation of DjVu licenses to non-profit and educational institutions 
(including the Internet Archive).

If you are asking yourself why DjVu hasn't had more users and exposure 
in the past, it's because the previous LizardTech managers never 
understood that their "niche market" approach was doomed. We told them 
again and again that DjVu had to be open and become ubiquitous, or die, 
but they never got it. They did allow us to distribute DjVuLibre, but 
only because their contract with AT&T forced them to do it. Everything 
is different now.

The DjVu Summit that took place on December 3rd at Rutgers University 
marks a new beginning for DjVu. LizardTech's new strategy is already 
paying off, and many new high-profile DjVu content providers are popping 
up (many of them in the Far East, such as Samsung which provides all its 
products manuals in DjVu). DjVuZone will provide up-to-date news about 
DjVu and about new sites that use DjVu.

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