Package inclusion policy

Paco Ros paco at
Sat Mar 26 14:20:35 UTC 2005

Hello all.

I've been configuring/customizing Hoary in my Laptop.

Maybe I'll write here to make some comments about some (little) problems
I had, but I missed Wi-Fi related tools available.

I installed the following network stuff:
- Ethereal
- kismet
- Airsnort
- Gnome network nomitor Applet

All these programs are very useful, but they aren't focused on Wireless
networks (well, in fact, Airsnort is) and I have been looking for some
useful graphical program to control signal strenght, AP availability and
the typical Wi-Fi parameters.

I found WiFi Radar from Gnome Files. It's a very simple program writen
in Python + PyGTK and I installed it by making a tgz and converting it
to ".deb" with alien.

I have no idea about how to (properly) create debian packages, because I
always use checkinstall and alien, but I could try to create a package.

Sorry if this is a F.A.Q. and sorry if this has been already answered,
but: What is Ubuntu package inclusion policy? Do you consider useful if
I make a package and send you?


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