Kubuntu - root access question...

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Sat Mar 26 12:00:04 UTC 2005

rpowersau at gmail.com wrote:

>Out of curiosity, why use gksudo or kdesu? I just do "sudo gedit" and
>it works fine.
They pop up a dialog to enter the password. So, runing from a terminal 
they make absolutly no sens, if You in a terminal, it much more sane to 
be promted for pw in the terminal.

But from menuactions etc wher You do not have a terminal, they are realy 

But I realy would want them to intergrat su in ther funktionality. If I 
do not have the given sudopowers the dialog ask something like:

"Sudo don't allowe Your usr foo to run 'command' as user bar.
Please enter pasword for user bar [****]
[Cansel]    [OK]"

So, if a user dont have sudo power, they can still run system tools if 
they know the root pw. If the 'target' user have dissabled pw (like 
ubuntu default for root) it shuld still put up a dialog like:

"Sudo don't allowe Your usr foo to run 'command' as user bar.
user bar have dissabled password, sorry"

Might sound a bit neerdy, but IMHO it allot better then menuitems 
sailently failing! That realy makes the system look broken :-(

And I think the message need be verbose enuf to give the user a clue to 
what to fix! And maybee a link to the dokumentation for sudo.


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