Downloading Hoary with jigdo

Robert Parker bposs at
Sat Mar 26 10:45:23 UTC 2005

I'm having problems downloading the latest Hoary iso using jigdo.

The mirror I'm using is [

The first problem is that only about 20% of files are being found.

The second and far worse problem is that frequently after a download of a 
largish file (> 1 meg), the entire process stalls without copying said file 
into the iso.

I've tried a few of the mirrors listed on
which all just give me 404 errors and no download.

The ones I tried were Australia, the three USA, and 1 UK all giving the same 

NB I've been using jigdo to keep updated isos for Debian Sarge for months 
now. The process is so reliable that I now udpdate Debian automatcally by 
script whenever the .jigdos are updated.

Clues anyone?


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