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On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 14:49:11 -0500, Jason Straight
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> I totally agree that linux isn't a virus magnet by any means like windows is,
> but eventually - as popularity grows - we will see more l33t script coders
> trying to make a name for themselves. They probably won't be very successful,
> but they'll still do it. They've already proven they have no life by writing
> viruses in the first place.

Yes, I am sure the number of virus attempts for Linux will increase,
but at this stage I think people are focusing on the wrong place.
Windows has grown the perception that all computers are vulnerable to
viruses and that our main concern should be protection against
viruses. The Anti-Virus companies are riding this wave and promoting
the idea so they can sell mainly useless software to people.  It is
like selling sand in the desert.
The proplem is that people with Linux boxes are now focusing all thier
effort on virus protection, while nobody is looking at the more
realistic problem of being attacked by a cracker.

So, the whole Linux virus scare is not helping Linux users, but rather
fooling them into looking away from the real threats.

I am not saying that we should just ignore the virus situation.  We
should definately keep tabs on what is happening in the world of Linux
viruses and then when it does become a real problem, we can be ready
to face it.

At this stage though, scaring people with Linux viruses are doing more
damage than any good.

People should focus on teaching decent secutity habits, like NOT
running as root, using good passwords, protecting your passwords,
usiing a firewall, not installing anything you find on the net, etc.
Hopefully we can prevent the mass acceptance of insecure linux
distro's in this way.

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