ffmpeg upgrade

Byron Poland wpoland at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 00:07:02 UTC 2005


I'd like to upgrade to a new cvs build of ffmpeg as the newer builds
have the ability to export video formatted for the Sony PSP.

a lot of multimedia packages depend on ffmpeg and the libavcodec and
libavformat packages. I'm new to the debian world with Ubuntu, and
would like to up date the ubuntu deb for my own use with a newer cvs

These are the steps I think I start with:

 apt-get source ffmpeg
 put in the new CVS snapshot
 copy over the debian/ directory from the old snapshot
 edit the changelog
 change the configure options in debian/rules

Not sure what to do beyond that.  I've messed a little with fakeroot
but haven't gotten any packages yet.  Also will this also build me the
libavcodec and libavformat debs, or will I need to repeat the process
for those.

I may have to repeat the process a good bit as the latest CVS of
ffmpeg don't seem to work with the psp.  yet builds available via
ffmpegX for OS X and pspvideo9 for windows work fine.

Thanks for any help.


If I can figure this out (and have the time), I may try to start a
small repo of multimedia debs specifically compiled on ubuntu for

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