"I'm not dead yet... I think I'll go for a walk..."

Philippe Landau lists at mailry.net
Fri Mar 25 16:34:51 UTC 2005

> Hey everyone! Sorry for the obligatory Monty Python quote. :)

hello volvoguy :-)

> For those of you paying attention, my spinal fusion surgery was
> cancelled because the workers compensation people "were on vacation
> and couldn't authorize it". 
gangsters ...

> Then my doc got mad at me and thought I
> did it to prolong my taking pain medication - he wouldn't even speak
> to me personally. Luckily my family doctor is helping out until I find
> a new doctor after all this mess. My pain is quickly getting worse and
> therefore the drugs are keeping me more knocked out, but I wanted to
> let everyone know that I'm still committed to Ubuntu as much as ever.
> (I even gave my doctor a copy. :)
you shouldn't, he will not have time for you and his patients anymore :-)

> When I do have some "good time", I'm still primarily interested in the
> SVG stuff - backgrounds, icons, whatever. I also discovered that Gnome
> acknowledges alpha transparency bits in PNG images too, so that might
> be fun. If anyone has thoughts I might be able to play with, let me
> know! (this especially holds true for Canonical people:) I've made a
> convert of another design colleague that wants to help, but I don't
> think he's shown his face yet.
did you see kubuntu ?
such a vivid and happy contrast to the morbid gnome colours/icons.

> The main reason I poked into my Gmail account was to recommend the
> new-ish Clearlooks theme and was pleasantly surprised to see that it's
> the default now. Excellent choice! Now we just need an easy way to
> change colors! :)
that would be great :-)

> I also want to quickly thank the random comments throughout the months
> about Nvidia cards. I picked up an off-brand 5200 FX with 128Mb RAM
> and it (and it's better drivers) blow my ATI 7500 out of the water. I
> pretty much leave the xcompmgr shadows on all the time.
> I'm starting to ramble... it's the drugs. I added a few more
> backgrounds to my site, but passed out while doing some rearranging on
> the page. I swear.... I have XHTML and CSS memorized.... I promise.
> :o)
> Keep up the good works devs, let me know if I can help with anything
> directly. If there's no super-tight deadline, it actually helps me
> keep my mind off my aches and pains. :)
do you also think these lists have lost some vitality ?

kind regards     philippe

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