changing browser on Evolution

thephotoman rantman_2000 at
Fri Mar 25 05:37:14 UTC 2005

Okay, I've got a rather unique situation, and I'm wondering if it will 
work.  Here goes.

I have a series of accounts that I keep on different browsers, as I'm 
involved in a lot of online roleplay, especially on LiveJournal.  I 
normally keep one email account per LiveJournal account, and one browser 
for each account, as I don't wish to log out every time I turn around.

I also use mail clients to help me coordinate all of the e-mail I get by 
game and character.  For myself, I use Firefox and Thunderbird.  For one 
character, I use Konqueror and Kmail.  Yet another character has the 
Mozilla Suite.

What I want to know is if I can configure Evolution to use a browser 
other than the system default to open links.  After all, I have my own 
personal accounts on Firefox, and I want that to be the default browser. 
  Is this possible, and if so, how is it done?

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