Gubuntu (Portage in Ubuntu) :)

Philippe Landau lists at
Fri Mar 25 00:41:52 UTC 2005

hello sunmicroman

is it possible for you to use the mailinglist ?
your insights are interesting but it is currently difficult
to see what you write and what others wrote,
and it would be nice to be able to send you an email too.

kind regards     philippe

> When I tried Gentoo 2 years ago, portage only checked dependencies upon
> install, but /not/ uninstall. Meaning that it was perfectly possible
> to
> ruin a system be removing the wrong package. Has this changed since?
> Try it currently. A lot can change in 2 years, especially with a Linux
> Distro :) 
> Debian has ca. 15,000 packages in Sarge. I doubt Gentoo has as many
> (couldn't find a number though), and in any case has not ten times
> that. 
> Clearly I was exaggerating. But if you look in the Gentoo respository
> you'll find just about any software that can be compiled to run on a
> Linux platform. Not just a Debian based distro.
> You can have the same thing if you run Hoary (or later Ubuntu
> development branches). In fact, Hoary seems to be updated several
> times
> a day.
> Note that you can expect approximately the same stability from both:
> things _will break if packages are distributed without intensive
> testing.
> Most users can't or don't want to put up with that, and it is the
> distro's responsibility to assure stability. If a distro does that, it
> can't update daily. It's a trade-off really. 
> Users who can cope with distros that update daily have a wide choice
> (Debian Sid, Ubuntu Hoary, and others), not just Gentoo
> Speaking of stability, Gentoo has a nice little rating system they give
> to the software in their repository. They put a little "bug" symbol by
> the software if it isn't completely stable. So it's up to the user to
> take the chance if they are interested. 
> I would rather Ubuntu stays sane
> Who said anything about sanity? Just wanting to make what has
> universally been the "bain" of Linux for years a lot better.
> This isn't a Ubuntu vs Gentoo reply whatsoever (or vs any other for
> that matter. If it was I would have -a lot- more to say on the subject
> but am not interested in getting into a debate here, no matter how
> "stimulating" it may be). I actually like Ubuntu and am using it on my
> laptop as I type this response. Just an observation from someone who
> has used and compared so many distros I couldn't begin to count. And it
> would be nice to combine the positive aspects of all of them and have a
> truly "killer" distro someday that might overcome all of the complaints
> that my M$ using friends have about switching and possibly give Linux a
> whirl and actually start using it on a daily basis. 
> Now how about using the cool filesystem from GOBO in Ubuntu? ;)

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