bluetooth in ubuntu

satyam ulist at
Thu Mar 24 15:20:57 UTC 2005

relux Wrote: 
> Did you ever get that adaptor working? I am trying to get the same
> adapter to work along with dialup networking through sprint phone.
> PM-325

Well, I installed the bluez packages, and I've had some success: the
adapter is working, my phone is detecting it. However, they still can't
communicate as yet. I believe that I'm supposed to use dund (a terminal
application which comes with bluez, I think) to create a connection via
pppd between the two devices.
By the way, has anyone successfully downloaded the gnome-bluetooth
packages using Synaptic? I'm having some trouble finding it: it's in
the online repository, but I'm not seeing it in my lists.

Best regards,


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