Modem Intel 537 AC97 on Vaio PCG-R505

azz ulist at
Thu Mar 24 11:35:01 UTC 2005

An intel modem will not work with the proprietary stuff from linuxant. 
They only exist because conexant does not care about free, open source
software.  They olny support (thankfully) conexant modems.

Your modem will probably work with the sl-modem drivers.  Try
installing sl-modem-daemon from multiverse.  It will attempt to use the
alsa intel modem driver (GPL!).  If you cannot get it to work with that,
you can compile the proprietary sl-modem modules (sl-modem-source)

You can also go to and get the ScanModem script.  Run it
on your Ubuntu installation and check out the modemdata file it
produces.  That will give you clues as to what driver to use.


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