Fresh Hoary install, php files not recognized

Albin Blaschka albin.blaschka at
Thu Mar 24 07:42:11 UTC 2005

Tony schrieb:
> I performed a clean install of Hoary on my iBook (which was previously
> running LAMPhp on Warty).  After installing Apache and PHP4, I created
> the phpinfo() to look at the setup.  But when I try to view the file
> with Firefox, it does not recognize .php files and gives me an "Open
> with", "Save to Disk" window.
> Is there an additional setting in Apache that must be set to recognize
> .php files?
> Tony K.

You have to check the following entries in the file httpd.conf -

If it's Apache 1.3 (that's what I use...)
There is the section LoadModules, there should be something like:

LoadModule php5_module        libexec/

(PHP 4 change the 5 to 4...)

You need the following line:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .shtml # whatever file-extension
                                             # your php-scripts have...

For Apache 2 I think it's quite the same, but here it's maybe worth 
having a look to



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