periodic mouse freezes/jumps on Hoary

Jonathan McLoughlin cjm at
Wed Mar 23 15:25:57 UTC 2005

powernowd 0.90-3ubuntu12 control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel 

David Feldman wrote:

> It looks like the culprit was powernowd. Killing that process 
> eliminates the mouse freezing. I don't know much about what powernowd 
> does, though: Can I eliminate it safely, is there an alternative, or 
> is there any option I can run it with that will prevent it freezing 
> the mouse?
> Thanks,
> --Dave
> On Mar 22, 2005, at 14:20, David Feldman wrote:
>> I've just installed Hoary on a Dell Inspiron 4000 (pentium 3 610MHz 
>> laptop), and I'm excited to see a lot of terrific additions since 
>> Warty. One problem, though: The mouse cursors will periodically and 
>> temporarily freeze when I'm moving it around, just for a moment, and 
>> then resume its course. It happens frequently enough to be a serious 
>> issue, and happens whether I'm using the built-in touchpad or a USB 
>> external mouse.
>> Any idea what's going on?
>> Thanks,
>> --Dave
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