second MOTU meeting summary

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Wed Mar 23 14:46:08 UTC 2005

hi community,

this is the summary of the second MOTU meeting, 
held on march 22 2005 23:30 UTC

* the first topic * 
was the possibility to keep universe unfrozen a bit after the release
date, to have the possibility to fix more packages.

- since that is not a topic the MOTU can decide for themselves we
invited the main team to the discussion.

- the overall consensus was that universe has to freeze with all the
other archives.

- MOTU will try to set prioritys on the several lists [1] based on the
debian popcon statistics, to make sure at least the most popular
packages get fixed before release.

- during the discussion the point came up that its planned to import
most of the repositorys into universe, which makes the
designed QA process that MOTU worked out during the last weeks kind of
pointless, we will have to rework this one completely.

* second topic * 
was which NEW packages on the list [2] will be focused on before release

- with regard to the broken QA process above, we'll get all these
packages in before release, since their quality will match the standards already.

* the third topic * 
was the inclusion of Xfce4.2 in universe before release

- the whole MOTU team fully agrees that this is absolutely desirable and
the MOTUDesktop team will care for the inclusion soon.

* fourth topic * 
was the decision for a default icon for menu entrys that dont have a
icon yet

- we couldnt decide for a certain icon and postponed the decision. a
suggested icon can be seen on [3].

* fifth topic * 
was the handling of the morgue candidates list for obsolete packages [4]

- the decision here was to drop all listed packages right away after
checking their reverse dependencys.

the next MOTU meeting will be scheduled on occasion within he next four
weeks if enough topics are on the agenda [5].

thanks for reading

the MOTU team

(please forgive typos and broken grammar - i'm not natively speaking

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