US ubuntu user helping fellow user (Re: Casper

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Tue Mar 22 21:42:14 UTC 2005

Thanks but I am not giving up.   I am stuffing all the images on my
usb hard disk and taking them to a different machine to burn.  The usb
was, I guess you would say in Linuxspeak, truly mount and operate.


tab at ubuntutab:~ $ md5sum -c /media/cdrom0/md5sum.txt
md5sum: can't open ./dists/hoary/main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages
md5sum: can't open ./dists/hoary/main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages.gz

i want to find something else to work on a few days that seems more
interesting - like the printer------

> Tab went through days of trying
> and still there is the suspicion that his CDs are corrupted.

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