Another Packager Manager Is Running

Shawn Christopher schristopheraz at
Tue Mar 22 09:13:09 UTC 2005

Once again I apologize for the mail and I know someone will be able to
answer this in about 30seconds however I am using Hoary and whenever I
attempt to use the Ubuntu Update Manager or the Synaptic Update Manager
I get an error message such as this when trying the UUM

Another Package Manager is Running

You can run only one package management application at the same time.
Please close this other application first.

and when trying to use the Synaptic Update Manager I get:

Unable to get exclusive lock

This usually means that another package management application (like
apt-get or aptitude) already running. Please close that application

Now I have opened up a root terminal and tried using killall apt-get and
killall aptitude however that didn't seem to fix it. I also restarted
into recovery mode and then when it got to ask for root password to run
maintenance I logged in and did a apt-get dist-upgrade hoping that would
fix it however it didn't. Any ideas?


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