Problem sending files with bluetooth

zer0halo zerohalo at
Tue Mar 22 07:33:34 UTC 2005

I upgraded from Warty to Hoary, and now for some reason I can't send
files via bluetooth to my Palm T3. I can receive files okay, but the
"Send via Bluetooth" menu option that used to exist in Nautilus, is
now no longer there.

I have bluez-utils, obexserver and gnome-bluetooth installed.

When I use the Bluetooth Manager to scan for devices, it correctly
finds my T3. My laptop is not "paired" with my T3 since I can't find
any option for this in Ubuntu. I tried doing it from my T3 but it asks
me for a passkey to connect to my laptop, and I've never set up a
passkey for the laptop so I don't have one and the pairing fails.

Any clues? Thank you.

"Impossible is nothing."

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