Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs, p2p

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Tue Mar 22 05:48:13 UTC 2005

022b6e193cf8c95e943c97bb94c03d00  hoary-preview-live-i386.iso
md5sum 022b6e193cf8c95e943c97bb94c03d00
tab at ubuntutab:~ $ md5sum /dev/cdrom hoary-preview-live-i386.iso
error processing /dev/cdrom: failed in buffer_read(fd): mdfile:
Input/output error
022b6e193cf8c95e943c97bb94c03d00  hoary-preview-live-i386.iso

>(try burning at a slower speed,

set at 1x
It burns it in about 10 minutes and I figured at 1x it would take an hour. (?)

>see if you can tell the blanks were physically damaged

second box of tdk

>look for lint in the CD reader, etc.).

Cleaner than the hopital in Tombouctou.
HL-DT-ST-RW/DVD GCC-4320B [CD-ROM drive]
Gateway E-2000 4000792
254 Megabytes Installed Memory (?)
Slot 'J6g1' has 256 MB
Slot 'J6G2' is Empty
from Belarc
I just continue on with my merry computing ways while this is burning.
 Could this have caused :failed in buffer_read(fd):?

Thanks for any info or direction-


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