how to free up memory for root

Jose A Merced fj60cruiser at
Mon Mar 21 16:22:40 UTC 2005

as root, type

apt-get clean

It should clear out the local repository.
> From: Sean Hammond <sean.hammond at>
> Date: 2005/03/21 Mon AM 11:07:32 EST
> To: ubuntu-users at
> Subject: how to free up memory for root
> My root partition is running short on memory. I'm using Ubuntu's
> default partitioning scheme except that I mounted home on a seperate
> partition. So I think I have root, swap and home partitions. Root is
> running a little low on free space, and I don't really want to learn
> what happens when it runs out. Aside from removing apps I don't use,
> what can I do to free up root space on Ubuntu? There must be a
> synaptic package cache and other caches etc, files leftover by removed
> packages, temp files and so on. I'm using Hoary.
> Thanks,
> Sean
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