gdm v. kdm v. xdm

Cef cef at
Mon Mar 21 00:23:19 UTC 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:19, John DeCarlo wrote:
> I recently installed kubuntu-desktop and the install asked a question
> about which should be the default manager, but I forget what I
> answered (duh).
> Anyway, now it won't start the graphical login.  The message is that
> xdm is not the default manager, so it won't start.
> How should I fix this problem?  I would prefer a graphical login that
> allowed me to select whether to use Gnome or KDE.

From a command prompt:
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm

I'm pretty sure this should go through the configuration of kdm again, in 
which case it should ask you that question again.

Choose either KDM or GDM... either should work and allow you to choose what 
environment to use. It's usually listed under 'Session' or something similar, 
and should store it's config in ~/.dmrc (the session is per user, so the 
config is stored in the users directory).

Note: It's preferable to use the *DM that matches your usual environment. If 
you don't, you may find that you lose some functionality in regards to 
logging out of the system. eg: If you use GDM and KDE, you will find you can 
only log out from KDE, and not shut down or reboot from within KDE. It's not 
a huge problem, but it's good to know.

 Stuart Young - aka Cefiar - cef at

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