Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs, p2p

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Sun Mar 20 20:27:23 UTC 2005

> I hate replying to myself:)     If the warty installs, just one more
> overnighter will bring you up to date with hoary :)

I have Warty installed.  I have been (was) doing the Synaptic updates
until one of the updates broke the machine (at least to my feeble
mind) and had to reinstall Warty.  Saw that one could change Warty to
Hoarty in the Synaptic manager but afraid after that.


Live out in the boonies and every move made is is clouded by - DO NOT
LOSE THE DSL CONNECTION!!!  It just seems that in order to learn this
stuff you need another machine around you know will operate if you
really need to do something.
It appears the whole system is only 75 percent functional, out of the
box, to a (middle-age fart who has rode a mouse a time or two) newbie
who just wanted to p2p, print, listen to some tunes and learn the
Linux way without having to jump into terminal window hell from the

< End of Off-topic> 

Philippe - thanks for the wget -c --limit-rate=xK http:xxxx.  A
command I could understand and it worked.  Gonna give Kubuntu Live a
try later to see if the checksum problem still exists.


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