[Hoary] creating a hidden file on the desktop > buggy behaviour

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi
Sun Mar 20 15:42:21 UTC 2005

su, 2005-03-20 kello 01:41 +0200, Ari Torhamo kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> I just installed Hoary array 7 to see if the bug I found while using
> array 6 is still present. And it seems to be.
> When I create a hidden file (or a directory) on the desktop or the
> Nautilus desktop window and then try to move it to the trash, the icon
> stays on the desktop but disappears from the Nautilus desktop window.
> When I open the properties window of the icon, it says there that the
> file is in the trash and "Remove from the trash" option is visible in
> the context menu. If I choose "Remove from the trash", nothing happens.
> But if I then reload the Nautilus desktop window, two emblems - a lock
> and a red one with an "x" in it - appear on top of the file icon on the
> desktop. The only way to remove this persistent icon seems to be to log
> out from the current session. I'd like to know if this happends to
> others too. I searched bugzilla for this but couldn't find any report of
> it.
> I also noticed that when I copy (not create) a hidden file or directory
> on the desktop or into the Nautilus desktop window, it only appears in
> the Nautilus window - not on the desktop. Is this behaviour intentional?
> Regards,
> Ari

ReiserFS reported possible problems with my hard disk today when I
booted my PC. I run the manufacturers (IBM) test program and it told
that my hard disk is failing :-( I don't know if this has anything to do
with the problem I described in my earlier message (ReiserFS told that
the problem is in the boot partition), but thought to mention it anyway.


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