Alex Combas alex.combas at
Sun Mar 20 10:59:23 UTC 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 20:28:12 -0500, P Jones wrote:

> Hi All;
> I've been wrestling with getting GNUCash into Hoary. It installs just
> fine, but of course, being a GTK app, it doesn't look like the rest of
> Hoary. I've been using Red Hat/Fedora for years now, and they've got a
> GTK theme that at least blends in OK.
> I've tried the gtk-theme-switch utility, but in Hoary Array 7, it
> works inconsistently at best. Sometimes my settings are saved, other
> times not. I haven't tried very hard to work out the problem yet, and
> I'm just wondering if anyone else had given it a go and has a
> solution. I suppose one avenue would be to figure out what Fedora does
> and put that into Ubuntu.
> Or someone might suggest a GTK2 money management app with at least as
> many features as GNUCash? I'm not aware of any others that are as
> featureful.
> Any thoughts before I dive back in?
> -P

There is a theme engine for Gnome-1.4 in synaptic called industrial.
Try installing that.

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