Sound/video/keyboard/mouse stuttering on Hoary

Jim Richardson warlock at
Sun Mar 20 05:57:58 UTC 2005

Fully up to date Hoary, I have an odd problem playing mp3's or other
longer sound files (wmv and such) or playing video, or typing into text
windows (shell, vi, etc) Hoary will stall, and eat a few keystrokes, or
stutter over some video or audio, then catch up, and be fine, until the
next time. 

Doesn't seem to be a CPU issue, nor swap or IO, just seems to happen,
scheduler? dunno. 

Am currently running a local compiled 2.6.11 with swsusp patch, but this
happened also under the 2.6.10 kernel from Hoary. 

Any suggestions as to where to look for more info? It's not consistant,
and it's certainly not predictable. Which is makes it more annoying. 

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