Newbie Download, Burn and/or Run Problem Again

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Sun Mar 20 05:24:32 UTC 2005

> >>wget -c --limit-rate=40k a-complete-internet-address-like-http-etc

So wget did what it was suppose to do.  Burned the cd at 1x from a
different box of disks than the other dozen or burns..  Gets to Casper
-udev, I think that is the name, and fails.  I have wasted more
bandwidth than a Phish download site (sorry) grabbing images.  It
appears that Firefox saving the bin file as text was not the problem
or the disc or the burn speed.
On the Install CD I can go all the way to partition but if the Live CD
will not work it does not seem reasonable to go any further.  The
drive will start Knoppix.

The checksum is still beyond me but that would only tell me I am
having a problem which I find out every time I download an image and
burn a disk (would it not?).  Looked at the help section during boot
but did not see any applicable approach.

It seemed like a simple problem which has now taken a week.  Download
an image, make a disc and run it.

Gonna try the Kubuntu distribution download to see if it works  but
any suggestions would be appreciated.

Gateway E-2000

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