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Subject: help installing ubuntu (was: I forgot to mention one thing;
	was Re: How do I install on a second harddisk
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hello Chris

 >i am sorry about the obstacles you encounter.
 >i hope you can view it as a game like mikado or so.
 >can you please keep the subject of your emails
 >so we can work on it in a consistent thread ?
 >this is facilitated if you always use "reply" when
 >writing a new email to the list about this.
	I'm copying and pasting from the digest to the reply, better then 
cutting 6 to 10 or more other messages.

> I can't boot from the CD (The computer tries it,
> and I do have the CD as the first device it checks to boot from)
> but it can't boot.  I don't know why.
 >which version of ubuntu did you download (file name please) ?

	4.10 "warty warthog"

 >do you try installing on a mac ? what model ?

	no, I'd have to repartition my HDD on my mac	When I tried to put on 
yellow dog, it caused several disk errors (at least from MacOS point of 
view, I finally had to do zero out the harddrive and reinstall MacOS).

	I'm using an older computer: 166 Cyrix 6x86.
	I want to say 64 MB ram (if I'm doing the math correct on the screen 
before red hat's LILO starts up).
	8x CD-ROM (no writing or rewriting capibility).

 >kind regards     philippe

I appreciate everyone's help.


> I have an 8GB hard drive with old version of redhat
> I have a brand new 160GB with 4 partitions.  I'd like to eventually 
> format what's now "hdb1" as a swap partition and instal ubuntu on 
> "hdb2" "hd3" and "hdb4" (the 4 partition set up: swap, root, user...). 
>  Currently these are formatted as ext2, because the version of redhat 
> I have couldn't format them as riser or ext3.
> Do I need to "fake" a few files (as in use touch to create a few zero 
> byte files with specific names) so install can overwrite.  Or can I 
> use install to write to the slave disk at all?
> Thanks,
>     Chris

>     I've got 1 internet capible system presently, a Mac OS 10.3.8 with 
> Netscape 7.x.  I've not been able to get the CD written on my Mac I 
> had to use one of the computer labs at school to get it written.  I've 
> sent off for the CD's from Ubuntu already but they haven't arrived 
> yet.  I've not been able to get the live CD burnt.  Also, I remember 
> from SuSe there's a command-line way of installing... type 1 command 
> that brings up a whole list of what to include and not include, then 
> quit that and do a make (make install) IIRC.  Is there a similar way.  
> I've scowered the CD and the website and haven't found it.  I have a 
> nagging feeling the slides that you told me about and I can't access 
> are what I need to know.
>     I hate remembering only half of this stuff.  I've done this years 
> ago, and this case remembering half is worse than remembering nothing, 
> because I so easily misremember.
> Thanks In Advance,
>     Chris

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