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Sat Mar 19 17:23:37 UTC 2005

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 04:08:47 -0500, mattisking
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> Well, unlike Philippe above me here, I had a tremendously successful
> experience with Array 7 today. Everything worked for me... no problems,
> no errors... Totem set right up and played all my formats (of course
> with some added stuff) no trouble... sound is perfect, video is
> perfect.
> You all have a done a great job with this build. I suppose, like
> Philippe, there are lots of little things that could be improved, but
> those are assignments that need to be given out to each of those
> developer groups (in particular Gnome)... This is by far the best
> Ubuntu installation I've experienced, including Warty.
> --
> mattisking
not so good here.

Installing to thinkpad r40 2722
Installation hangs at "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drives", 98%,
"Starting PC card services..."  The machine is still running though
(not locked up).

the last module insmod'd was sr_mod.ko

last message few messages from vty4 read:
  hw-detect: Detected module 'ide-cd' for 'Linux ATAPI CD-ROM'
  hw-detect: Trying to load module 'ide-cd'
  hw-detect: Detected module 'isofs' for 'Linux ISO 9660 filesystem'
  hw-detect: Trying to load module 'isofs'
  udev[pid]: configured rule in '/etc/udev/rules.d/devfs.rules' at
line 17 applied, added symlink '%k %c{2}'
  udev[pid]: configured rule in '/etc/udev/rules.d/devfs.rules' at
line 17 applied, 'hdc' becomes '%c{1}'
  udev[pid]: creating device node '/ev/ide/host0/bus1/target0/lun0/cd'

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