usb camera flash card autonaming

Paul Pianta ppianta at
Sat Mar 19 04:01:20 UTC 2005

Hi ubuntuers

When i insert my SD card from my camera into my usb card reader it comes
up with an icon on the desktop called 'DIMAGE' - anyone know where I go
to customize the name?

I have this line in /etc/fstab for the device ...

/dev/sdd1       /media/camera   auto    rw,user,noauto  0 0

and sure enough it gets mounted at /media/camera but there are automagic
things that are going on too that I would like a bit of control over.

Before I custom added the line to fstab the device was getting
automatically mounted at /media/DIMAGE - so I have succeeded in getting
halfway to what I wanted.

Any ideas?


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