Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs

Philippe Landau lists at
Sat Mar 19 01:13:59 UTC 2005

Tab Gilbert wrote:
>>>did you try wget ?
> will try this evening before I turn in.  Thank you.  Maybe that was
> what I was looking for the whole time and did not know how to explain
> (ask).
you know linuxland is full of very ingenious geeks
trying to seduce you into the abysses of the command line
and eternal learning curves,
so you become entrapped in their brainwashing factory of eternal
humiliating apprenticeship and elitist power-dreams ;-)

>>Second question:
>>Are you just trying to update your warty machine to hoary?
> Yes, but I wanted to run the Live CD to make sure everything is ok.  I
> saw how to do it in Synaptic but very afraid of making a mistake.
excellent plan.

> Thanks everybody for the assistance--
>  I  know--- RTFM time -
oh, no, point, click, copy, paste and dream time :-)
and tomorrow, ask again if there is any doubt.

kind regards     philippe


with wget you can download safely:
Applications:System Tools:Terminal:
wget -c --limit-rate=40k a-complete-internet-address-like-http-etc

the limit-rate part is optional,
you can use it to still be able to work
on the web/email during the download.
40k would be 40kB/s maximum download speed for example.
the -c allows you to resume the download another day
(using the same command).

after the download is complete, you will see
the large .iso file in your home directory,
right-click on it and choose "Write to Disk".
burn at low speed.
and unfortunately,
for installing ubuntu you will need a different CD.

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