Newbie Install Question

Philippe Landau lists at
Fri Mar 18 18:55:51 UTC 2005

Tab Gilbert wrote:
> Thanks - the first command that did something besides generate an
> error message.  Now if I remember the other stuff.  Trying to start a
> cheatsheet but the printer is not happy at the moment either so
> switching back and forth on the screen.  Sorry for the grouse.  I have
> a few more days to play since the last post.
> Outer Bubbaistan is a state of mind located in the United States.  The
> mail is delivered via donkey cart once a week.  The "offical" disc is
> not a problem just doing something afterwards is.
your observations contain valuable truths,
but the way you organise your emails
makes it hard to follow, although certainly i appreciate the humour :-)
do i understand you right that you enjoy playing for days
with getting ubuntu to work ?

kind regards     philippe

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