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Knome_fan ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Mar 18 08:02:22 UTC 2005

etienne Wrote: 
> Hi,
> I've intall kubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu (gnome) hoary preview and my 
> thought is:
> you, we ... I need a way to edit the gnome menu. (something else than
> edit 
> text file)
> In fact, it would be nice if the K apps were not added to the gnome
> menu and 
> have a nice way to add kde item to gnome menu (using kde apps in gnome
> don't 
> seem a natural choice to me). Reciprocally, there is a lot of gnome
> apps who 
> don't need to be in the K menu.
> Is there something planned about that? Is there a tool to edit gnome
> menu that 
> I didn't see?
> NB: Also, there is the kde trash desktop file who appear on the gnome
> desktop.
> thanx,
> Etienne
> -- 
> Sorry for the strange grammatical structures, i don't really speak
> english :)
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I kind of solved the first problem by running:
for i in *; do echo "OnlyShowIn=KDE;" >> $i; done
in /usr/share/applications/kde

This should get rid of most of the KDE entries in the Gnome menu and if
you want to have a KDE app in the Gnome menu, just delete the line, or
comment it out. Not perfect, but still better than editing everything
by hand.

About the trash desktop file, yes, that's annoying. However, if you use
the trash applet in kde you don't really need it and can delete it, at
least I did.


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