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Joe Malin jmalin7 at
Thu Mar 17 19:31:07 UTC 2005

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Latex seems to be a markup language for 
documents done in Tex. If so, one cannot possibly compare it to 
FrameMaker, which is a large document creation tool that includes a 
WYSIWYG editor. The structured version of FrameMaker uses tags that 
translate 1-to-1 to XML, so in that sense FrameMaker files are similar 
to Latex files.

Lars, if you are a professional technical writer and you can point me to 
large documents (say 100 pages or more) that were created in Latex, I'd 
be more than happy to look at them.


Lars Hallberg wrote:

> Joe Malin wrote:
>> Dear Lars,
>> Thank you for your comments. I will grant that it's possible to write 
>> 1800 pages in Tex. That doesn't mean it's the same as FrameMaker, any 
>> more than being able to design a web page in Notepad means that 
>> Notepad is the same as Dreamweaver.
> You can possably compare emacs and Dreamwever, becuse Latex is a 
> *werry* good tool for tech writing in massive size - Just different :-)
> /LaH
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