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Thu Mar 17 12:03:56 UTC 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 11:50:08 +0000, spamse <spamse at> wrote:
> I have just done a fresh install of Warty, as that is what I had on
> CD, but actually want to be using Hoary. I just discovered that you
> can now get a disk image of Hoary. Would there be any benefit in me
> getting this disk image and reinstalling rather than changing packages
> sources to hoary and doing a dist-upgrade? At this point I have done
> no setting up of the environment, so there is nothing to lose.
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> Sam
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I have been using Hoary for a few months that was upgraded from Warty
and updated daily it worked fine, certainly no problems. The only
thing is that I reformatted the other day and did a fresh install from
the Hoary preview ISO just to help test and see if there are any
differeneces. The end result is pretty much the same except that the
fresh install from ISO seems much faster and more responsive, I dont
think it is because I had more stuff loaded when I upgraded as I have
installed all the packages I used. It just seems faster. Id definately
recommend a fresh install, just tar up anything you want to keep onto
a seperate partition or CD and install from scrach.


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