20050316.3 CD Installation Report, badly broken!

Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 03:07:33 UTC 2005

Hi All,

This installtion is badly broken on my machine. Here is what happened to me...

* CD booted as normal

* Got to partition my drives

then it broken from here on it

* After the partitioning was done I was dropped into the Ubuntu
Installer Main Menu(UIMM) with the Select Timezone entry select, I hit
enter, screen blanked as if it were going to another screen, it
brought me back the this Main Menu with the Timezone option selected
again, this happened a few times.

* I then proceeded to select the Set up users... and I set up my user ok

* Back to the UIMM to select Finish install, this also did not work. I
tried a few times and it kept sending back to the UIMM.

* I had to drop into a shell and manually reboot the machine.

* Gnome/X did not start up


* I poked around a bit...

* The machine came up with a bare bones system.

* Gnome and all of that good stuff did not even get installed.

* All the debs were in /var/cache... but were not installed.

* I reinstalled from the 20050315 DVD. And now I am back "wipes sweat
from forehead"

It almost seemed like a desktop install that went bad that left me
with a bare bones "server type" install. There is probably more little
things I may be forgetting to mention so if there is anything else I
can provide or any logs I can send that may be useful please let me


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