Grub versus Boot Manager

Joe Malin jmalin7 at
Wed Mar 16 18:27:28 UTC 2005

Good question.

My naive answer is that I have a registered copy of PMBM with 
documentation and technical support. If I had documentation for Grub, 
I'd use Grub, but I don't (yet) and I don't have technical support. In 
ordinary circumstances I wouldn't worry about either of those, but I am 
reluctant to mess with a boot manager and thereby lose my computer. The 
XP partition is "production"; I can't afford to lose that for even a few 

Please understand that I am a technical writer by profession. I have an 
extremely strong background in software engineering and PC hardware. I 
also know that a program is uesless if you don't have documentation for 
it. I'll go further: it's *certainly* useless and *potentially* dangerous.


Gábor Iglói wrote:

>A quiet question: What does PMBM know which GRUB doesn't?
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